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Congratulations To Jeremy And Ian Napier, Winners Of Our Fathers Day Contest

Congratulations to Jeremy and Ian Napier, winners of our Fathers Day Contest... A limo ride for both by Jaco Limo to see the Lexington Legends in the Forcht Suite!! Enjoy Guys!! Heres Ian's submission about his dad Jeremy...
"hi i'm Ian Napier and my story about my dad (jeremy) is really embarrasing! we was at splash country a couple years ago and we went down a fast body slide and his swimming trunks came down to his knees i thought i was going to die from laughing and hoping no one else seen him and knew i was with him! my dad deserves to win cause i love him no matter how embarrising he is."
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Congratulations to Paul and Donna Sizemore, winners of our Sweet 16 Ticket Giveaway!!

sweet 16 winners

Congratulations to Tammi and Dave in our Valentines Day Giveaway!!

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