Man Arrested In Laurel County After Stealing Car At Gunpoint

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says deputies arrested 31-year-old Shawn Henderson after they found him in a vehicle he had stolen the day before. Henderson allegedly waved down the driver of a car and held him at gunpoint. Henderson forced the driver to exit the vehicle and then stole the car. Police managed to get Henderson out of the vehicle and after removing him found the gun he allegedly used under the seat. Deputies were able to return the vehicle to the owner. Henderson was charged with first-degree robbery and theft of a motor vehicle. Henderson was lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center.

Shawn Henderson

Whitley County Man Robbed After Meeting Woman He Met Online

The Whitley County Sheriff's Office says a man reports he set up a date with a woman online, but right after she showed up, he was robbed. It happened at a home near Corbin in the Tattersall Estates subdivision Monday night. The man told deputies he met his date and minutes later four others showed up. The four people came into the man's home and when he ran out they followed. The man says he was then held at gunpoint and dragged back into the house. Police say he was shaken up, but otherwise unharmed. Police say the four people are described as tall with their faces covered in masks. They got away with cash, a PlayStation 4 and two guns. Anyone with information is asked to call the Whitley County Sheriff Department at (606) 549-6006.

SOAR Hosts Opioid Crisis Event

SOAR hosted a Provider Education Substance Use Disorder event this week. Hundreds of doctors, medical students, and healthcare professionals began exploring solutions to Kentucky's opioid crisis at the University of Pikeville.  Organizers believe it is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner, rather than later. Those at the event learned about legislative updates, prevention, and management tactic from professionals across the state. The event also shed light on how opioid addiction is hurting many babies. Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or drug dependency in newborns, has a high rate in Eastern Kentucky. Former University of Kentucky basketball player Rex Chapman and several others shared their stories of addiction. Organizers believe though it will take time, there is hope for the opioid crisis in Kentucky.

SOAR Opioid abuse meeting

Laurel County Police Investigting More Scams

The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office is investigating several phone and mail scams. One of the most frequent ones involve the scammer calling claiming the victim won Publisher’s Clearing House magazine grand prize and needs to pay fees to collect the money. Another involves a check for a large amount of money being sent to the victim who then deposits it in their account and sends a fee back to the person who sent the check. The check originally deposited is bogus. In most scams, the scammer requests money via check, cashier’s check, a green dot card, MoneyGram or the victim’s bank routing numbers. Police recommend if you have caller I.D. on your phone, do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize. If you receive a scam call, don't give out any personal or financial information and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here or by calling the FTC’s Consumer Response Center at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).


Naked Man Walking Along Road In London Leads To Two Arrests For Robbery And Attempted Murder

The London Police Department says officers were called out on a report of a naked man walking on KY-192. Officers found the man who told them he was at a house on Little Laurel Road and was attacked, robbed, and left for dead. He said he was left unconscious in a wooded area near Little Laurel Road after being assaulted by two men. He said he was able to crawl through the wooded area, cross two creeks and a set of railroad tracks to get to 192. He said he took off his clothing due to them being wet in cold temperatures. The investigation led to the arrest of 34 year old Layton L. McQueen and 46 year old Charles L. Adams both of London. They were charged with robbery and attempted murder. Both were lodged in the Laurel County Detention Center.

Charles L. AdamsLayton L. McQueen

Parol Board Says Woman Who Killed Her 10 Year Old Stepson In 1992 Must Serve Out Her Life Sentence

The Kentucky Board of Parole has denied releasing a woman convicted of kidnapping and killing her 10-year-old stepson. On Monday morning, the board ruled Stephanie Spitser must serve out her life sentence. Spitser took Scotty Baker from his school in Clay County back in 1992. Police say she then strangled him before burning and burying his body in Laurel County to hide the crime. After her accomplice confessed to police, Spitser pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping. During her hearing last week, Spitser told the board that she wasn’t the same person who had committed that crime.

Stephanie spitser

Laurel County Police Looking For Stolen Truck

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says detectives are investigating the report of a stolen pickup truck. Deputies say the truck was stolen off Walnut Road near Lily late Saturday night. It is a white, 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck with a temporary tag. If you have any information, call the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office at 606-864-6600.

Laurel stolen truck

Laurel County Police Looking For Burglary Suspect

Laurel County Sheriff John Root says they're asking for help finding a woman they believe is connected to a burglary that happened early Friday morning. Investigators say the incident happened around four in the morning Friday when someone get into the Corner Market off KY 830. The suspect took cigarettes and money, deputies did not say how much. Video surveillance shows a woman inside the store. If you have any information about the incident or the woman in the picture, please call the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office at 606-864-6600.

Burglary suspect 10 02 17

Intoxicated Man Arrested In London Carrying Swords

The Laurel County Sheriffs Office says deputies noticed a man in a business parking lot on South Main Street that appeared to be under the influence and was concealing several swords in some clothing items. During the investigation 30 year old James W. Bowling of London admitted he was high and was going to attempt to pawn the swords. Bowling was arrested and charged with public intoxication – controlled substances. He was lodged in the Laurel County detention Center.

James W. Bowling

Knox County Police Make Another Arrest In Robbery

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says deputies have made a second arrest in the burglary of the S and M Market on KY 11 in Girdler last month. 33 year old Brian Bunch of London was charged with burglary and cashing stolen Kentucky Lottery tickets. 27 year old Westley Ryan Hubbard of London was arrested last week (September 27th) for burglary. Bunch was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center.

robbery graphic